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Forget about the meticulous coil building and complex ohm and voltage equations. Vaping has built mainstream popularity in the recent years for the good old fashion fun it provides. Amuse your friends and turn the most ordinary get-together days into a party with pretty cool vaping tricks.

Studies have proved that vape mods have a significantly lower level of health and safety risks. Aside from the facts, more and more people are drawn into it for its entertainment factor. Traditional smokers have practised basic smoke tricks for decades, but vaping aficionados are stepping up the game. The variety of vaping tricks have become too amazing that more and more global competitions are being set up to showcase cloud-chasing skills.

What You Need to Do Vapour Tricks

With a good Sub-Ohm Vape Box Mod, you don’t have to be a magician to impress. Pair this with your selection of Party Vape e-juices, and you’re ready to rock. Sub-ohm vaping not only produces enormous, fluffy clouds. It also increases e-juice flavour intensity without the harsh hit.

To make each vaping trick a success, the quality of vapour clouds you produce matters. Party Vape serves premium quality E-liquids perfect for cloud chasing. It consists of VG (Vegetable Gracelyn), PG (Propylene Glycol), and flavours (food-grade flavouring) that your taste buds can feast on. You can choose from a variety of nicotine levels as preferred. VG and PG come in different grades. For the best experience of vaping, we at Party Vape use only the best grades of ingredients and the best combination of flavours. Some of our must-try flavours include:

Pistachio ZCream

the delicate nutty flair of pistachio creates a delicious kick to the luxurious creaminess of milk.

Hara Pop

satisfy your senses with an old-fashioned treat, relish in the sugary indulgence of sweet caramel glazed popcorn.

Sweet’N Zalty

savour a bit of all things good, the play of saltiness and sweetness on warm popcorn is simply delightful.

Beginner Vape Tricks

The Waterfall

Doing the Waterfall does not need any skill, and it’s something that any beginner can do. It’s merely demonstrating how thick clouds move from a container down a flat surface, giving the effect of a magical waterfall.

How to Do It – Take a big breath of vapour. Slowly exhale this into a bottle or glass. Allow several seconds to pass to let the dense cloud settle at the bottom. Pour it gently onto a flat surface to produce the Waterfall.

Vapour Bubble

Another straightforward yet pretty impressive sub-ohming trick is trapping a dense cloud of vape smoke into a massive bubble.

How to Do It – For your bubble-maker, cut out the half end of a plastic bottle. The bottle should be relatively small to make this work. Dip this open end into a hand soap-water solution and blow out a sizeable blob. Keep your sub-ohm vape mod ready. When the bubble is big enough, quickly switch to having a deep drag. Gently exhale this into the bottle mouth and move the bottle in a swift motion to release the bubble.  Watching the bubble cloud until it bursts can be mesmerising.

Ghost Inhale

On a super-easy level, anyone can do the ghost inhale vape trick on their first try. This is also known as the Ghost Hit, Mushroom Cloud, or Snap Inhale. The release of vapour forms a Casper-like shape which is sipped back in.

How to Do It Take a long mouth-to-lung drag. Allow the vapour to linger within the oral cavity for several seconds before you let it come out. To create a ball shape, don’t force the vapour out at once. Open your mouth into a rounded shape to let out some. Hold your breath for some time, then close your mouth right away. Sip the ghost-figure back in.

The Dragon

Another beginner-level trick for vaping enthusiasts is the Dragon. The mythical beast is often pictured as such. Blowing clouds out of the four holes of your face never looked this ferocious.

How to Do It – Without inhaling, take an extended drag. Stop only when your mouth is already full of thick vapour. Forcefully exhale, simultaneously, through your nose and mouth. While doing this, keep the middle part of both lips touching to form a horizontal number eight. This forces smoke straight out through your nose and sideways from your mouth, like a dragon breathing hard right after blasting fire at its enemies.

The French Inhale

Also known as the Irish Waterfall, this was made famous in the classic Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa music video of a song with the same name– French Inhale. Similar to a reverse waterfall, the vapour is made to flow up through the nostrils.

How to Do It – Take a drag from your sub-ohm vape mod without inhaling. Hold and let the vapour settle within your oral cavity and do not swallow. Part your lips slightly. Draw the smoke into your nose while it escapes your mouth.

Advanced Vaping Tricks

Now that we’re done with the simpler vape tricks let’s move on to pro-level cloud illusions. These may take a lot of practice. But when done right these are downright awesome. Be ready to blow away your friends with your sub-ohm vape mod and favourite e-liquids.

Blow O’s

One old trick that tobacco smokers took on in the past is probably the most basic trick that anyone transitioning from beginner to pro cloud-chasing should master. It’s also the fundamental trick to other pro vape tricks. The age-old smoke rings, are relatively common but will take some practice to perfect.

How to Do It – Take a pull on your vaping device, inhaling the smoke through to your throat. Keep your tongue pulled back towards the back of your throat. Form your lips into an ‘O’ shape. Push vapour out from your throat by creating quick lurching motion with your tongue, similar to forcing out a subtle cough.

Take note of how much force is enough to launch solid rings. If you don’t push hard enough, only smoke will come out of your mouth. Push too hard, and the rings are going to break. Control the size of rings produced by changing the size of ‘O’ you create with your lips.

Double, Triple O’s

Once you’ve gotten comfortable with doing perfect O’s. Doing more rings, doubles and triples the fun.

How to Do It  For double rings, simply put your finger in between your lips to create a division. Do the same concept with the single O’s and watch the rings come out in two’s, separated by the finger. To create three rings, open your mouth a little wider. Put two of your fingers on your lips. Equally spaced, this will create three exits you need to produce triple O’s.

Jellyfish Vapour Trick

One of the coolest things you can make with your sub-ohm and e-liquids is the Jellyfish. Imagine one lucidly floating in the air. Well, end your daydreaming and blow yourself one!

How to Do It – The first thing you need is a nice, plump ring. You can do this by blowing a thick, larger than usual O. As the O moves away from you, it will expand and become bigger. Slowly make a pushing motion until you’ve reached the ideal size. Keep moving with the O at a constant pace. Take another drag from your vape pod. Lean into the opening. Release a Ghost Hit in the middle without sipping the vapour back in. And you’ve got yourself a jellyfish.